Discover Mallorca s Top 10 Most Stunning Beach Clubs

Beach Clubs in Mallorca

Whether you're seeking a morning breakfast with a view of the sea, a refreshing drink at sunset, a snack after a swim, or a romantic candlelit dinner, Mallorca's beaches and coasts boast an array of wonderful beach clubs. Here, we present our favorites:

1. Mhares Sea Club

Perched on the cliffs near Cala Blava, the Mhares Sea Club offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and Palma's coastline. Renovated a few years ago, this stylish club features Balinese sun loungers, spacious seating, a large pool, and exquisite cuisine. The sunset views from the terrace are simply spectacular, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and enjoyment.

2. Bar Esperanza

Located near the stunning natural beach of Es Trenc Ses Covetes, Bar Esperanza exudes a Caribbean ambiance with its relaxed design and turquoise sea views. While primarily a beachfront restaurant, its fusion cuisine, including Thai dishes, ceviches, and excellent salads, coupled with its picturesque setting, make it a must-visit spot.

3. Il Chiringo

Nestled on Platja de na Nadala in Palmanova, Il Chiringo offers not only fantastic views of the sea but also authentic Italian cuisine prepared by Italian owners. With its vibrant atmosphere, delectable pasta dishes, and renowned cocktails, it's an ideal spot for a romantic candlelit dinner or enjoying beach volleyball during warm summer evenings.

4. Bar Sa Punteta

For a truly romantic experience, visit the secluded rocky cove of Cala Estellenc in the mountainous village of Estellenc. Accessible via a winding road, this hidden gem offers authentic Balearic cuisine amidst stunning natural surroundings. From delicious "pa en Boli" to refreshing "Trempó" salad, every dish here promises a unique culinary adventure. 

5. El Sol

Situated at the end of the pristine Son Serra de Marina beach, El Sol is renowned for its legendary ambiance and excellent seafood. Whether you're craving fresh fish, Asian delicacies, or a juicy steak, this beachfront restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience, complemented by live music performances on Saturdays and Tuesdays. 

6. Puro Beach

Mallorca boasts two iconic Puro Beach clubs, offering a modern and elegant beachfront experience. Whether you're at the Palma location or Platja de Illetes, expect minimalist design, fresh and healthy cuisine, and a vibrant atmosphere. From original cocktails to relaxing spa treatments, Puro Beach ensures a luxurious beach day experience. 

Puro Beach

7. El Chiringuito Camp de Mar

Located on a small islet off Camp de Mar, El Chiringuito offers panoramic views of the sea, making it a legendary spot for dining. While the cuisine and service are commendable, it's the breathtaking surroundings that truly steal the show, providing an unparalleled dining backdrop. 

El Chiringuito Camp de Mar

8. Chiringuito Cap Falcó Beach

With its "Flower Power" vibe, Chiringuito Cap Falcó Beach offers a cool beachside experience between Magaluf and Sol de Mallorca. From delicious snacks to panoramic views of the azure sea, this beach bar promises a true holiday sensation, complete with chill-out music and occasional beachfront weddings. 

9. Nikki Beach

Synonymous with glamour, Nikki Beach in Magaluf offers a luxurious beach club experience with its upscale restaurant, outdoor bar, and designer boutique. Whether you're lounging on their spacious sunbeds or dancing to world-famous DJs, Nikki Beach guarantees a high-end beach experience. 

Nikki Beach

10. Bar Cala Torta

Situated on one of Artà's last pristine beaches in the northeast, Bar Cala Torta offers a simple yet unforgettable dining experience. With its yellow cabin, blue wood, and fresh seafood grilled to perfection, it's a slice of paradise on earth. Enjoy your meal with views of the pristine white sands and turquoise waters, and savor the taste of authentic island cuisine. 

In conclusion, Mallorca's beach clubs offer not only exquisite cuisine but also unparalleled views and unforgettable experiences, making them must-visit destinations for anyone visiting the island. Whether you're seeking relaxation, romance, or a vibrant beach party, Mallorca's beach clubs have something for everyone.


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